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Hey ho. Thanks to those who pop in and say hello - I read and appreciate all messages! Please get in touch by and I'll get back to you.

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If you want to conact me personally, please email me via my website (link on the left of the page).

I'm very busy with work and personal projects and rarely find time to check notes, and hence if you email me you're pretty much guaranteed to get a reply :¬)

There is another theme nearing completion which will follow after Gui.Air, so keep your eyes open for that release also!


Thu Aug 19, 2004, 8:51 PM
Web 9 Design online!

Taken me a while, but finally got W9D online.

Written in CSS of course :)

The forum took me nearly as long as the main site!

What you deviant guys/gals think? Feel free to join of course, she's only 1 day old, 2 members :¬)

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Hi guys,

Vector-Cell and Opulence both earned Silver medals in the GUI-Olympics! Thanks for all your support.

Upcoming VS's

Msstyle & WB:

- Opus OS2

Working from scratch (keeping the style the same), and adding some nice idea's I have for the skin...

- Opus Classic

I'm going to have a go at making a classic style theme, but with some b0se style graphics thrown in.

WB Only:

- Impulse (based off a-t-o-m-i-c's excellent GUIO WA5 skin)

This will have to be WB only since the MSStyle structure is limited in modification.

Will keep you informed as always! I'll be posting developments on Major developments will be added to this journal :)

Ross Harvey

I've just released my second and final GUI Olympics theme, Vector Cell. This is defferent from my usual styles, I wanted something very original.

Comments appreciated!

Note: Its for WindowBlinds, the MSstyle version will follow shortly.
Hi guys/gals,

Opulence has just been submitted into the GUI Olympics for the DA team, please leave a comment there if you like it :)


Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

Ross Harvey

Good day for me today, the site I co-own ( (APC)) has become a partner (affiliate) with DA! Big thanks to jark, it means a lot to us :)

I'm working on a new theme, which will be released within the next week or so (got a bit of uni work to finish first). There will be a beta posted (no shellstyle) at APC earlier though.

Check it out here:…

I decided not to enter it to the GUI-Olympics because it looks to similar to OSX style. The GUI Olympics theme is coming along very nicely too :)

Thanks for reading,

The theme I'm working on for the GUIOlympics is coming along nicely!

I'm aiming to incorporate eye candy and ease of use, which usually tend to lie at opposite ends of the VS spectrum :)

I'll keep you informed about its release, both WindowBlinds and Msstyles will be available.

P.S. All other theme development (i.e. Opus OS 2.0) is on hold for the duration of this competition. I'm busy finishing my Masters degree and I only have time for one personal project at a time.

Thanks for your patience,

I'll be updating Opus OS soon, fixing some minor bugs and making sime widgets a tad smoother.

2.0 will also contain many, many other application skins! Including:

Trillian Pro
Yz Dock
Yz Toolbar
T610/616 etc (Yup, you read it, on your mobile!)

Now thats a complete theme :¬)

Huge thanks to those who developed the above!
Happy 2004 everybody :-)

Hope you all had a good time, personally, I had a great one!

Regarding GFX:

- Updating Opus Luna to 2.0 with added stuff
- Working on new theme named Opus OS (softer version of the above)
Its about time I used this journal!

From now on I'm going to keep track of updates and what not here :)